About Us

who we are

 Liigear is based in Beijing since 2014, focus on urban users, drawing inspiration from the tactical and techwear world.

LII GEAR absorbing and consolidating the ideas and advantages from tactical&outdoor backpack top brands. After considerable design drawing and iteration, we, LII GEAR, have our own thoughts. Our designers create the design independently by themselves to ensure that their innovation and inspiration can be perfectly reflected in the products.

Quality and service really matter,  we need to keep in good touch with our customers to make our brand outstanding. Since 2014, we maintain a independent, complete and constantly improving package product line, which treats the design process and every working procedure rigorously.


to make prime packs

All products adhere to the use of the best raw materials, fabrics are imported from the United States (especially for military camouflage fabrics), small self-made plastic fork buckle, YKK waterproof drawing, tactical quick shackle, high-strength ribbon … At the same time, the design is constantly innovating and progressing. Although it is a small factory, its quality and design are never sloppy. At present, the products are all manufactured by hand, so the production quantity is limited, and each product is considered as a semi-limited product.

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